"Can you tell my stepbrother not to leave his tighty whities on the bathroom floor all the time?"

Jen Masterson - 16 - Junior - 6Teen - Holland Roden - Open

Unlike most of Blackton’s attendance, Jen worked extremely hard for her place on the roll.  She spent hours working at her local mall to earn enough to go to a private school.  Her work ethic allowed her easy access into the school.  Jen chose Blackton because of the rumors that it not only had an incredible math program, but it also had several people aspiring to be Olympic athletes.  Partly imagining all the guys with six packs and partly thinking of her own desires to be a professional snowboarder, Jen made her way to the prestigious academy.

Jen is a mature, responsible person who always puts all of herself into whatever she does.  She always gets good grades and always does right by people.  She adores talking about her future and about boys.  However, Jen has a tendency to be nosy and quick to anger.  Most people suggest that she’s a control freak, but ever since her parents divorced, she’s felt as if control was slipping from her fingers.

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