Misty Cerulean - 17 - Junior - Pokémon - Hayley Williams - Taken

Misty should have been born a fish.  She’s been having an affair with water since the first time her mother dipped her toes in.  Ever since she abandoned her floaties, Misty’s been training to be an Olympic athlete and spends more of her time in the pool than out of it.  Blackton snapped someone with such potential up in a heartbeat.  Despite her dreams of winning the gold medal, Misty has a quiet wish to spend less time in the pool and more time with her friends.
Misty is a stubborn tomboy who has a hard time admitting her affection, but she’s a good friend.  She’s the youngest of four girls and the obvious favorite because of her talents.  She is spoiled tremendously.  She can become frustrated easily and while she’s not violent, she will do other things to get back at those who hurt her or her friends.  Mostly, she is a sweet and optimistic girl.

Dylan and Cole Hannan - 16 - Sophomore - Catdog - Dylan and Cole Sprouse - Taken

Blackton wasn’t getting one of the Hannan brothers without the other, so when the academy sent a letter requesting Cole’s attendance they insisted that Dylan go along.  However, their reason wasn’t some emotional sibling bond, but a physical one.  Cole and Dylan are literally joined at the hip.  Cole was invited because of his intelligence, and Dylan followed along for the adventure.
Their conflicts often get them into arguments.  While Dylan is happy-go-lucky, athletic, and naive, Cole is a stringent introvert who cannot stand to be around messes.  Cole tends to look down on his brother and wishes to have his brother removed as if he were a cancerous tumor.  Dylan feels that his brother should loosen up, but while he wants to be free for his own reasons, he looks up to Cole.
Cole has his dreams to become famous or at least well known.  He doesn’t care much for why he becomes a household name, as long as it happens.  Because Dylan is the more popular of the two, Cole craves attention and soaks up whatever praise he can get.  Alternatively, Dylan would be happy as long as he could have fun without bothering his brother.  Dylan always wanted to play sports but could not because of the fact that Cole always with him.  Despite these differences, they love each other more than anything.  Even if Cole is a stick in the mud and Dylan is a troublemaker.

Alex Samra - 17 - Junior - Totally Spies - Shay Mitchell - Open

While Alex is a good student with impressive athletic ability, she was chosen by Blackton because of her work with WOOHP, or World Organization of Human Protection.  Alex specifically finds herself involved in wildlife preservation.  Her love of animals keeps her coming back to WHOOP in order to help everything from the smallest ant to the largest elephant find its harmony with human beings.  When Alex isn’t in the stables, she’s usually on the soccer field.

Alex is that rare and perfect mix of tomboy and girly girl.  While she loves sports and getting her hands dirty while she works, she also loves dressing up and talking about boys.  Despite being extremely athletic, she’s also very clumsy and prone to bad luck.  She’s naive and childish and even a little absent-minded.  However, she has a cool head and usually serves as a mediator for her friends and is logical in her own logic.

Maria “Shriek” Dubois - 18 - Senior - Catdog - Kaley Cuoco - Open

Maria’s parents, the extremely wealthy Mr. and Mrs. Dubois of Malibu, had produced the perfect daughter.  She was smart, beautiful, and poised.  Until she met “Bull Dog.”  She fell head over heels for the leader of a local street gang; she lost all of her class.  Soon she started refusing to go by anything other than “Shriek” and disappearing on Fridays only to return in the middle of the night, heavily intoxicated.  Her parents got to the point where the only situation was to send Maria to the farthest boarding school.
Shriek tries to put on a tough and sarcastic act, but secretly she is a huge romantic.  She’s very emotional and unstable.  She hated her life as a debutant and is much happier as a rude, crude person.  Shriek tends to reject people who reflect the lifestyle that she ran from.  However, if you get on her good side, she is extremely loyal.

Scarlett “Charlie” Bovine - 30 - Honors English(all grades) - Cow and Chicken  - Miranda Hart - Taken

Scarlett was always thought to be a complete idiot. She was naïve and sweet-natured, but what made her even more baffling was that she was quite the scholar. She excelled at everything she did, leaving people stunned in her wake. She has done much in her younger days, beauty pageants, modeling, and even wrote a play while in high school that her school put on. However she decided to become a teacher, English being the one she most loved that became her focus in college. She soon graduated and got a job at Blackton teaching their Honors English course. She’s very excitable and caring; her job is her everything and she enjoys what she does more than she probably should. Her students often laugh behind her back though, wondering how someone so “dim-witted” became a Honors English teacher, but she is blissfully ignorant, and knows that what anyone thinks of her is wrong.

Girolamo “Gir” Rodriguez - 16 - Sophomore - Invader Zim - Dylan O’Brien - Open

Blackton was ecstatic to have found someone who was smart, athletic, and just about good at anything he wanted to achieve.  They couldn’t send out the acceptance fast enough.  Little did they know, they sent their letter to the wrong address.  Instead of sending the letter to S.I. Rodriguez, the letter landed at the doorstep of G.I. Rodriguez.  Gir, who went by his initials rather than the unfortunate “Girolamo,” was more than happy to receive this invitation and could hardly conceal his excitement on the plane ride to Blackton.
Gir is beyond hyper.  ADD can hardly describe his inability to focus.  He is extremely happy-go-lucky and will eat anything he can get his hands on.  He’s not a genius, but he could tell you anything you needed to know about any sort of media.  He loves watching TV and it’s difficult to drag him away from the TV for long.  As much as he’d like to be a loyal friend, he has a tendency to make things go wrong for the people around him.  Lucky for this dimwit, he’s far too cute to be mad at for long.

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